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2012 Composition Competition
How to Apply

The Reveille Trumpet Collective is proud to announce our second annual Composition Prize. This year’s Prize is for Trumpet and Percussion.

We have tweaked the rules and format after reviewing feedback from last year, and are very pleased to say that we have found a way to remove the application fee, add a second prize, and increase the first prize purse as well.  Read on for all of the details.

    The Grand Prize winner will receive:

  • $1500 (CAD)
  • At least two performances by members of Reveille during the 2012-13 concert season
  • A short video presentation promoting the winning piece
  • A contract with new music publisher qPress
    If a Runner-Up is chosen, the composer will receive:

  • $500 (CAD)
  • A contract with new music publisher qPress (At the discretion of the jury, more prizes may be awarded.)


Rules and Regulations

All emerging composers are invited to submit an unpublished, un-premiered work for trumpet (one player, all doublings) and percussion (one player) of at least 6 minutes’ duration. Feasibility of the percussion set-up will be a factor in judging. All submissions must be PDF format computer-generated scores (Sibelius, Finale, etc.) accompanied by a midi or mp3 realization. The scores will be anonymized by the contest coordinator prior to distribution to the jury. There is no entry fee.

All materials must be received by June 1, 2012.


Ready To Submit?

Click here to go to the submissions form. Submissions are now closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a piece for ‘trumpet AND percussion’ or ‘trumpet OR percussion’?
The rules require that the piece be for trumpet (one player) AND percussion (one player).

Is writing for a certain ‘type’ of trumpet required?
No, you can choose to write for any trumpet (Bb, C, piccolo, flugelhorn, cornet, etc…). Also any ‘doublings’ are OK – in other words, the trumpet player can switch between the varieties of trumpets.

For what kind of percussion instrument may I write? Only traditional instruments? Only one instrument for the entire piece?
You may write for ANY kind of (and any number of) percussion instruments, including ‘found objects’ (remember though, one percussionist). The feasibility of the setup will be an element in judging; the piece will be unlikely to win if it the instruments called for are difficult to assemble (for example: 17 varieties of gong, 12 timpani, and sea shells native to the shores of Tanna).

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