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William Rowson Trumpet Sonata
Premiered/Commissioned by Adam Zinatelli

In this video you can hear William Rowson discuss the genesis of his Sonata for Trumpet and Piano. This piece was commissioned and premiered by Adam Zinatelli and is fast becoming a favourite of the Reveille Trumpet Collective repertoire. You can find the sheet music and more samples here.

From the composer:

This sonata was commissioned by Adam Zinatelli for Sound Symposium XV in 2010. I decided that I wanted to write a very lyrical piece for the trumpet. One of the pre-compositional decisions was that it would not be a fast virtuoso piece and I wanted to include the pianist and make it a very collaborative effort.

Each one of the three movements of this sonata begins with the principal material being stated by the trumpet, and then it is passed back and forth between the trumpet and piano in this collaborative process. This Sonata uses traditional forms: A sonata allegro form first movement; A binary song form for a second movement; And a traditional fast rondo for the last movement, in which you will hear the main thematic material stated three times by the trumpet.

-William Rowson

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