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Reveille At ITG

Reveille at ITG 2017
Performer as Curator: Presenting New Music

Due to the vast number of notable composers currently writing for trumpet, it has been said that we are living in a second “golden age” for our instrument. However, audiences often struggle to embrace contemporary music. This multimedia lecture-recital explores innovative strategies for presenting new works to audiences as engaging and enjoyable experiences. A particular focus is the performer’s role as presenter and curator, acting as an intermediary between the composer and the audience. Members of the Reveille Trumpet Collective will demonstrate current strategies for presenting new music to audiences then put these techniques to use as they showcase several recent premieres. Techniques explored will include video “trailers,” composer interviews, publication and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Repertoire includes

Harry Sdraulig: Fanfare for 8 Trumpets
Aiden Hartery: The First Recitation: The Old Hag
Patrick McGraw: Force of Nature for Trumpet, Electronics, and 3D Video

Where and When

June 1, 2017 @ 3:15 PM – 4:30 PM
Empire Ballroom: Hershey Convention Centre

About the Reveille Trumpet Collective

Reveille is a collective dedicated to exploring new paths for trumpet while connecting performers, composers and audiences in innovative ways. We use commissions and premieres as starting points: opportunities for composers to communicate directly with audiences worldwide, for audiences to interact with artists, and for performers to gain intriguing glimpses into new repertoire. Since founding Reveille in 2008, its members have premiered dozens of new works featuring trumpet in concert halls around the world.

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