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Photo By Greg Locke © 2009 Copyright.

CBC Concerts on Demand
Featuring Reveille

From the CBC Concerts on Demand website:

In pursuit of new music for trumpet a new collective is born. Reveille is a group of five trumpeters in locations as far-flung as Hyogo, Japan to St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador who are sharing new repertoire for the instrument. These trumpeters and musical adventurers are navigating uncharted paths for trumpet while connecting performers, composers and audiences in innovative ways.

Commissions and premieres are a common component in a Reveille event and in this concert, featuring two of Reveille’s core members, there is one Canadian and three world premieres. This is music with indefinite range; lifting off into the stratosphere in Denis Gougeon’s “Mars” and Clark Ross’ “Also sprach Sanford & Son, Alice Cooper, etc” to meandering through the underwater and submerged marine world of Eric Nathan’s “Submarine Egg.”

Click Here to Listen to Reveille on CBC’s Concerts on Demand (Streaming expired. Thanks for listening!)

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