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Reveille At ITG 2
Reveille At ITG 2
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Reveille ITG Review
The Performer as Curator: Presenting Music in the 21st Century

Reveille Trumpet Collective Lecture Recital – Performer as Curator: Presenting to Audiences in the 21st Century
Review by Elisa Koehler

The Reveille Trumpet Collective, consisting of Joel Brennan, Aaron Hodgson, and Timothy Quinlan, presented a lecture-recital that began with a performance of Harry Sdraulig’s Fanfare for 8 Trumpets, conducted by Timothy Quinlan.

Brennan and Hodgson were joined by their teachers (Allan Dean and Roy Poper) and colleagues (Mary Bowden, Michael Brest, Guilian Favrin, and Alan Klaus) for the performance. The group then suggested “Five Rules for Presenting New Music,” illustrated with video examples and live performances:

  1. Everybody loves a good story;
  2. Know your audience;
  3. Bridge the gap;
  4. Play well with others;
  5. Leave room for opinions.

Aaron Hodgson’s compelling performances of Aiden Hartery’s The First Recitation: The Old Hag and Patrick McGraw’s A Force of Nature for trumpet, electronics, and video were notable highlights. The works are available on Timothy Quinlan’s digital sheet music site qPress Music Publishing.


Aaron, Joel, and Tim would like to sincerely thank everyone who came to see our lecture recital, everyone who joined us on stage, and all of the wonderful trumpeters we met on our trip to Hershey. We are grateful for your support and hope you had an enriching and inspiring experience.

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